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200 Reject ASA

Fighting BDS – Australian FM Calls BDS Anti-Semitic

Everything you need to know about fighting BDS and the assault on Israel’s legitimacy. Today’s Top BDS Stories: 1. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop comes out hard against the BDS Movement, calling it anti-Semitic and hypocritical in an exclusive interview with The Times of Israel. She strongly condemned the global anti-Israel BDS movement: “It’s anti-Semitic.


Australian Jews Respond to Ugly Cartoon

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Loads of commentary on Thursday’s UN statehood vote. See it all below. 2. Howard Zwier blasts back at the Sydney Morning Herald for this disgusting Michael Leunig cartoon. After taking

Australian Media’s Moment of Truth

The Australian Broadcasting Corportation admits to Hamas terror, while the New York Times equates Israel and Hamas.

Bad style in Australia

The Australian Jewish News notes that one of the local media watchdogs, Issues of Concern for Justice and Society (ICJS), is challenging the Australian Broadcasting Corp. over the network’s style guide. The guide specifically instructs ABC journalists not to use the word “terror.” Why not? The guide states: “Remember, one person’s ‘terrorist’ is usually someone