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Video: Palestinian Media: Fake News, Real Harm. But Why?

Video: Palestinian Media: Fake News, Real Harm. But Why?

Chewing gum that causes sterility, fake raids on the Al Aqsa mosque, flooding from dams that never even existed: why is there so much Palestinian fake news? In this case it’s not just wrong: it costs lives. Whatever your opinion is: get educated, learn the facts, and know the truth.

German Newspapers: Netanyahu is “Führer”; “Insane Dictator”

Today’s Top Stories 1.  German tabloids: Netanyahu one of world’s seven most “insane dictators.” The Hamburger Morgenpost and Berliner Kurier, part of the same publishing house, published a litany of misleading or outright untrue accusations against the Israeli PM, while repeatedly referring to him as “Führer.” The Israeli Foreign Ministry slammed the articles as “anti-Semitic,” pointing out

Netanyahu in Australia

Today’s Top Stories 1. Netanyahu in Australia: Meeting with Australian PM Malcom Turnbull, the two PM’s reiterated messages of mutual support and cooperation. PM Turnball strongly criticized the United Nations over its unfair treatment of Israel and both leaders recalled the history of Australia in events leading to Israel’s formation. Responding to members of Australia’s Labor Party

Is a New Middle East War on Israel’s Horizon?

Today’s Top Stories 1.Is a new Middle East war on Israel’s horizon? The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus crafts an in-depth analysis of the various players on and near to Israel’s northern and north-eastern borders. Hezbollah, Iran, Islamic State, Assad forces, Russia and a variety of other groups are variously competing and cooperating, each with different agendas