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IBT: Palestinians Fire First, Israel ‘Ends Ceasefire’

IBT: Palestinians Fire First, Israel ‘Ends Ceasefire’

The International Business Times claims that Israel ends a ceasefire by responding to a Palestinian mortar attack from Gaza.


Palestinian Attacks IDF Soldier with Ax; Two 12-Year-Old Palestinian Boys Arrested

Today’s Top Stories 1. A Palestinian man attacked an IDF soldier in the West Bank with an ax, before troops shot and killed him. Earlier, two 12-year-old Palestinian boys were arrested in Jerusalem’s Old City after police discovered three knives concealed in one of their coats. 2. Mohamed Abrini, who has admitted he was the “man in


Palestinians Launch Nobel Peace Prize Campaign for Convicted Terrorist

Today’s Top Stories 1. Palestinians have launched a worldwide campaign to nominate jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize – despite his life imprisonment for five terrorist murders. According to the JPost, the campaign will include organizing rallies and marches throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip in support of the nomination.

2016 First Quarter Activities Report

Our 2016 Q1 Report (click here to view or download) contains highlights from January through March, including: “Red Lines” E-Book Foreign Press Association Acknowledges HR’s Effectiveness Media Corrections HR in the Media Social Media by the Numbers Videos New Employees Events Petitions Speaking Events Click Here to Download This publication (14-page PDF, 1 MB) contains