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Guardian’s “Mandatory Red Roofs” is Nonsense

Guardian’s “Mandatory Red Roofs” is Nonsense

In an article about controversial Israeli architect Eyal Weizman, The Guardian let loose a real whopper of an accusation against Israel. According to the story, the tiled roofs so common to Jewish homes in the West Bank are actually “mandatory red roofs so that on flyovers the Israeli army know not to target them.” Mandatory? Flyovers?

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5 Reasons Not to Equate Hamas With the Jewish Underground

Memo to Irish Times cartoonist Martyn Turner: Here are five reasons your cartoon was wrong to equate the Jewish underground groups of Israel’s War of Independence with Hamas. 1. The Jewish underground never sought to destroy Britain as the homeland of the British people. Hamas seeks to destroy Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. 2. The


Can We Call it a War, and What’s the Difference?

“Call it a crisis.” “Or a conflict. Or a campaign.” “But don’t call it a war. Not yet, anyway,” my editor said. “There’s a difference between a war and a conflict,” he said, though he didn’t elaborate. Operation Protective Edge at that point was only airstrikes, and we were on deadline. Deadline’s not a good