CNN Settlement Photo and Headline Fail

In a report on the Israeli approval for building new homes in Jerusalem neighborhoods over the Green Line, CNN produces the following headline and photo:


Some observations:

  1. The headline is inaccurate. As the text of the story itself states, Israel is building what CNN describes as “more than 550 settlement units” i.e. houses and apartments in existing neighborhoods. This is very different to the headline’s claim of “new settlements” which would imply the construction of completely new communities.
  2. The photo of a demolished Palestinian house is completely unrelated to the story. Is CNN implying that Israel is destroying Palestinian homes to make room for Jewish ones? This is, of course, not the case. The legality or otherwise of Palestinian building is a separate issue to the story and is therefore entirely inappropriate.

A complaint has been sent to CNN. Watch this space.


It gets worse. This is the headline on the CNN mobile site:


“Hundreds of new settlements”?


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