Deputizing My New Bloggers

I hereby deputize my HonestReporting colleagues, Simon Plosker, Yarden Frankl, and Alex Margolin, to contribute their expertise and insights to Backspin.

You’re going to enjoy the blog’s broadened scope and style.

Simon — our managing editor, who writes the regular media critiques — will blog UK issues, the boycott-divestment-sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel, and weigh in on various aspects of public diplomacy.

Yarden — our special projects editor, responsible for in-depth analyses and appeared with me in previous podcasts — brings his bulldog attitude to bite at the US papers.

Alex — our social media editor already blogging those issues — will continue looking at trends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. with the goal of empowering  readers to speak up for Israel online.

And me? I’m still the primary blogger — now I’m an air-traffic controller of sorts too.

One of the site’s nice features is that you can identify the author of any post and click on his name to see more of his writing.

So keep watching this space!


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