Faked Photo? What Faked Photo?

The Independent has removed the faked photo that we exposed in our video. We would guess that the move was sparked by all the angry letters they received from HonestReporting members.

While that’s good news, it’s not good enough. That’s because the Independent has actually used this staged photo of Palestinian children pretending to be in an Israeli prison on more than one occasion.

The right thing would be for them to publish an explanation of why they used an obviously staged photo.

The right thing would be for them to assure readers that the same thing will not happen again.

The right thing would be for them to agree not to use any more photos from the Gazan freelancer who set up and took the shot. It’s not like they don’t have an Errors and Omissions page.

Think they will do the right thing?

Why not ask them?

Write to them at: newseditor@independent.co.uk

And remind them that this is how they originally published the article:


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