HR In the Media: Countering the Global Media Assault on Israel

Panelists Gerald Steinberg, David Olesker, Simon Plosker, debate moderator Leah Zinder. Photo: Courtesy David E. Kaplan

HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker recently appeared on a guest panel in front of some 265 English-speakers in Herzliya, Israel. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Moderated by Israel Broadcasting Authority English News anchor Leah Zinder, the four panelists were Trevor Asserson, a Jerusalem-based international lawyer who successfully challenged the BBC on issues of media bias, David Olesker (founder and director of the Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training), Simon Plosker (managing editor of Honest Reporting) and Gerald Steinberg (president of NGO Monitor and professor of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University).

Each, battle-hardened in the trenches of media warfare, addressed the audience on his experiences and tactics in fighting this unrelenting onslaught on the character of the Jewish state. Underlying the debate was the realization among today’s Israelis that “despite what Israel does or Israel does not do; it is simply a case that Israel is.”

However, today with the conflict depicted as a Palestinian- Israel conflict, Israel is easily portrayed by the global media as the brutal Goliath and the Palestinians as the vulnerable and defenseless David. Today’s narrative has cunningly switched the imagery of these iconic biblical characters. In the eyes of most the world media, Israel is the arch-villain.

All speakers agreed on the need not only to be reactive but to go on the offensive, and welcomed everyone to enlist in Israel’s “citizen’s army.”

One of the most pertinent and poignant comments by an inspired participant was “I felt it was not a political evening; it was an Israel evening.”

Read the full Jerusalem Report article here.

You can also view Simon Plosker’s opening remarks here:

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