Hezbollah Kicks Hamas Out of Lebanon

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Today’s Top Stories

1. Hezbollah warned Hamas to leave Lebanon “immediately.” Israeli media picked up on Middle East Online, which explains that Hezbollah’s unhappy with Hamas training Syrian rebels:

Media sources close to the Palestinian national liberation movement Fatah in Lebanon said a Hezbollah senior security official informed Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ali Baraka, that all of those related to Hamas on the Lebanese territory became have become unwelcome . . .

A Palestinian source from Lebanon’s Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp reportedly said that Hamas’s aid to the rebels is common knowledge, however Hamas officials have denied any affiliation with Syrian rebels.

Alberto Nisman

Alberto Nisman

2. Argentina’s prosecutor for the AMIA bombing accused Iran of infiltrating a number of South American countries. Alberto Nisman told reporters that Iran established clandestine intelligence stations “designed to sponsor, foster and execute terrorist attacks.” Details at the Buenos Aires Herald.

I’m glad to see news services like the BBC, NY Times, and AP picked up on Nisman’s findings.

3. A Saudi businessman offers $10 million to kill Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, according to Arab media reports. Deborah Orr, where are you?

4. Norwegian Paper Publishes Anti-Semitic Cartoon: “This is a despicable attack on Jews and a fundamental tradition of Jewish life.”

5. How Does the Media Relate to Anti-Semitism? “We have to recognize that most of the anti-Semitic tropes that are appearing in the mainstream media were, most likely, not produced with anti-Semitic intent.”

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Israel and the Palestinians

PA condemns Jerusalem construction tenders. The Times of Israel says we’re talking about 300 housing units in Ramot and another 800 in Gilo.

The Mohammed al-Dura controversy rolls on. Haaretz reports that France 2 is threatening legal action if Israel doesn’t hand over information it has about the Mohammed Dura video:

France 2 and Charles Enderlin submitted a letter to ministers Ya’alon and Steinitz on Tuesday through the Gilead Sher and Co. lawfirm, demanding to receive the panel’s letter of appointment, the names of the panel members and the documents at their disposal – including photographs, the names of those who testified and protocols from the discussions.

Qatar seeks to boost trade ties with Israel, Prince Khalifa Al-Thani to visit Israel in November, according to media reports.

Mahmoud Abbas told Fatah cohorts he’s under tremendous international pressure to drop his preconditions and go back to the negotiating table. AP coverage.

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