Israel Grieves for Three Murdered Teens, Media Makes a Mess

Israel mourns the loss of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gil-ad Shaar, murdered by Hamas terrorists. The three teens’ bodies were discovered Monday evening in Halhul, north of Hebron. Based in Israel and with many of our staff having children of their own, the loss is acutely felt here at HonestReporting as it is throughout Israel and the Jewish world.

Unfortunately, some of the media coverage has been flawed. Here we expose some of the worst offenders.


Israel Seeks “Revenge”

The Christian Science Monitor published its report under the following headline:


As for the report itself, it is filled with prejudicial statements:

Since the boys’ disappearance, the West Bank has witnessed the revival of collective punishment by Israel.

So, according to the CSM, Israel’s operation to retrieve its boys is simply concerned with punishing the Palestinians.

The impression of Israeli malevolence and vengeful behavior continues:

Meanwhile, the Israeli public has demanded harsh action. Palestinians, subjected to even greater controls on their movements and more deaths, have seethed.

And, in an example of unprofessional journalism, the CSM reports unsubstantiated rumors of an event that did not happen:

There are rumors of mobs of West Bank settlers gathering to carry out vigilante attacks against Palestinians and Palestinian property.

The CSM then starts quoting casualty statistics, particularly focused on children and teens to prove that there is a “cycle of violence” and revenge. According to the CSM, “the killing on both sides continues.” Not considered relevant by the CSM, however, is that only one side in this conflict is bent on killing for killing’s sake. So the deliberate murder of Israelis by Palestinian terrorists becomes morally equivalent to the deaths of Palestinians in IDF counter-terror operations.

You can send your considered comments to the Christian Science Monitor –


No Mention of Rockets

skewed-skynewsAccording to the IDF, following over 18 rockets which were fired at Israel since Sunday evening, IAF aircraft carried out a precision strike against 34 targets in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday.

But Gazan rockets didn’t even register for Sky News where there was no mention of rocket attacks on Israel at all. It’s only about the three murdered teens:

Since the discovery there have been a number of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, including on the southern city of Khan Younis.


An “Alleged” Kidnapping

According to The Times of London:

Israel was preparing a massive retaliatory attack on Gaza and the West Bank last night after the bodies of three teenage boys allegedly kidnapped by Palestinian militants were found murdered after a three-week search.

“Allegedly kidnapped?” Aside from the bodies of the three teens, what more proof does The Times need before it states the obvious?


Idiotic Comparisons

While civil war and death on a grand scale are taking place in the Middle East, the LA Times’ Paul Whitefield gets all apocalyptic:

Worried about Iraq, Syria and the threat from ISIS? Well, better add this to your list then: a new Israeli-Palestinian confrontation.

But it looks like such a confrontation could only initiated by one side – Israel:

So, add it all up and what have you got? Yep, a recipe for more fighting: another Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, probably, and perhaps the West Bank as well. Not to mention another setback for any hopes for a settlement of the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Whitefield describes himself on his Twitter profile as “presenting a slightly skewed view of the news.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Misguided Focus

Mx News, the afternoon edition of Australia’s The Age appears to have very skewed priorities. What’s more important – three murdered kids or bricks and mortar?



(H/T: Shmuel Karnowsky

“Bombing” Homes

It’s a real stretch to turn the demolition of a terrorist’s home into a bombing campaign but Ireland’s RTE manages to conjure images of F16s rather than bulldozers:


Palestinian Politician Blames Israel for the Murders

Proving that Palestinians are incapable of taking responsibility for any act of terror, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti blamed Israel for the deaths of the three teens on BBC Newsnight:

First of all I think the main person who’s responsible for the tragic death that happened is Mr Netanyahu himself. He sent these boys as illegal settlers to an illegal settlement and he’s also responsible for the tragic death of more than ten Palestinians so far who were killed by his army, including three children.

Have you seen an example of biased or skewed reporting on the murder of three Israeli teens? If so, let HonestReporting know about it through our Red Alert contact page.

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