Roger Waters Keeps Stoking BDS Flames

roger-waters-shutUpThey can’t get Scarlett Johansson or even Ellen DeGeneres, but at least the BDS Movement can always count on Roger Waters.

Waters, the former leader of Pink Floyd, still maintains a sizeable fan base, at least among baby boomers. And he’s now expanding his reach by writing articles on, the Internet’s oldest web-only magazine, urging people to support the BDS movement.

His latest pro-BDS piece, co-written with former band mate Nick Mason, is an open-letter to the Rolling Stones, urging them to reconsider their upcoming show in Tel Aviv. Playing in Israel, they write, is the equivalent to performing in apartheid-era South Africa, which was subject to a massive cultural boycott.

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“If you wouldn’t play [South Africa’s] Sun City, back in the day, as you, the Rolling Stones did not, then don’t play Tel Aviv until such time as freedom reigns for all and equal rights is the law of the land,” they write.

Waters has made similar efforts to influence Johansson and Neil Young, who is also scheduled to make a summer appearance in Israel, among others, to follow him on the BDS train. But so far, his lips move, but they don’t hear what he’s saying.

In the Salon article, Waters and Mason claim BDS “does not advocate a particular political framework — one state or two — and neither do we.”

While the strongest advocates of a two-state solution routinely castigate the BDS movement for its failure to seek a viable peace, Waters and Mason shamelessly promote the BDS narrative, even if it leads to the destruction of Israel as Jewish state.

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