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Jon Snow’s Explosive C4 Attack on Israel

Demonstrating an intense hostility towards Israel and his guest, Deputy Ambassador Zvi Ravner, Jon Snow makes some incredible and disturbing statements during an interview on Channel 4 News. (Click here to view the interview.) Snow attacks Ravner: You’ve cut off the water, you’ve cut off the petrol, you’ve cut off the electricity and you’re starving

BBC Rejects Terror Recommendation

The BBC has finally released its official response to the recent independent inquiry into the organisation’s Mideast coverage. While recognising the flaws in the inquiry’s conclusions, HonestReporting UK was pleased to note the recommendation “that the BBC should get the language right. We think they should call terrorist acts “terrorism” because that term is clear

Australian Media’s Moment of Truth

The Australian Broadcasting Corportation admits to Hamas terror, while the New York Times equates Israel and Hamas.

Report Critical of BBC Mideast Coverage

For many years, HonestReporting, through our communiques and initiatives such as TerrorPetition.com, along with the efforts of many other worthy organisations, have campaigned for the BBC and other media outlets to adopt accurate language when referring to terrorism. Current holder of HonestReporting’s Dishonest Reporter Award for 2005, the BBC has long been a source of

The Power of Words

While most of the British media published editorials condemning the recent Palestinian suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, at least one commentator was critical of his own paper’s coverage. On 24 April, the Independent’s Stephen Glover wrote that he: was a little dismayed at the manner in which the Independent – though it was not alone

British Medical Journal’s Faulty Prescription

The British Medical Journal has previously published politicised reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that should have no place in a medical publication. The BMJ’s latest edition includes a study “Effects of armed conflict on access to emergency health care in Palestinian West Bank: systematic collection of data in emergency departments”, the objective of which is