The Sorry State of the World Zionist Conspiracy

The Zionist conspiracy took a hit when Syria outed the Arab League as a Zionist tool. For damage control, I pulled a few strings with fellow co-conspirators at the Times of London with this staff-ed:

The Syrian response was little short of deranged, with the country’s state news agency swiftly denouncing the league as a “Zionist tool”. Members such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority have been called many things, but rarely this.

But the Zionist media conspiracy took another hit: Jordanians showing solidarity with Syria staged a sit in at the offices of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya (via Elder of Ziyon)

. . . to express condemnation of the misleading campaign perpetrated by those channels against Syria with the aim of serving the U.S.-Zionist plots against the Arab nation.

The world Zionist conspiracy’s in a sorry state right now. Anyone praising the Arab League’s automatically an Israeli toady.

I’m not sure if other MSM expressions of support for the Arab League represent independent, rational thought or simple goading from other Israeli tentacles. But here’s a shout out to the newest real and imagined co-conspirators: The Australian, David Ignatius, and Robert Fisk.

(Image via Flickr/jaynemoo)


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