Worth Reading Today

* Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF began early Monday a “wide operation” into Ramallah, in pursuit of Hamas terrorists.

* A Fatah official said regarding Palestinian support for the Geneva Agreement: “Our aim was to create divisions inside Israel and block the growth of the right-wing in Israel.”

Doesn’t exactly sound like the goodwill “breakthrough to peace” it’s purported to be…

* Confused by all the different peace plans being bandied about? IsraelInsider has a summary of them all, including their advocates and key terms.

* Syrian President Bahshar al-Assad granted an interview to the New York Times. Excerpt:

In discussing possible renewed Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations, Mr. Assad said he had no preconditions. But given the progress made before they foundered in March 2000 over the issue of borders, it would be a waste of time to start from scratch, he said.

If such talks did succeed, the president said he saw no reason that Syria could not have full, normal relations with Israel.

“This word has no limit: normalization means like the relations between Syria and the United States,” he said.

(The Syrian/US relationship is a model of ideal “normalization”?)

* The Israeli government has a new page devoted to the security fence, with illustrated explanations of the who, what, where, how and why of the defensive measure.