2013 Second Quarter Report

HRQ2RprtSiteSplashOur 2013 Q2 Report (click here to view or download) contains highlights from April through June, including:

  • Dagbladet (Norway) Anti-Semitic Cartoon
  • Stephen Hawking and the BDS Movement
  • Analysis: Editorials and Opinion Pages in The Washington Post
  • Outrageous Art Exhibit in Paris Presents Terrorists as Heroes
  • Watchdog of the Week
  • UK Speaking Tour
  • Visits to Boston and Brazil
  • Israel Daily News Stream and Audio News Stream
  • Inside Israel Mission: May 2013
  • Students Visit HR HQ
  • Truth Be Told Event
  • Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism
  • YouTube Video Channel
  • World War Z: Paramount Pictures Thinks Turks Afraid of Israel, not Zombies
  • Interns at HonestReporting
  • Social Media and Website Growth
  • Outbrain, Pinterest, Slideshows, and Facebook
  • Corrections in the Media
  • Mobile Device Upgrade

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