2013 Third Quarter Report

HRQ3RprtSiteSplash-small345wideOur 2013 Q3 Report (click here to view or download) contains highlights from July through September, including:

  • Middle East Turmoil
  • Blankfeld Award Winner
  • Slaying a German Monster
  • Working with Israeli Politicians
  • The Untold Truth: 150 Million Europeans Hate Israel
  • Interns
  • Israel Daily News Stream
  • Mission Website Revamped
  • Branding and Advertising
  • How to Libel Israel: A Case Study
  • Social Media Update: Facebook, Twitter, and More

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This publication (6-page PDF, 2.8 MB) contains underlined hyperlinks; clicking them from the PDF will open related web pages.

Download a FREE PDF of the 2013 Q3 Report now and forward it to someone who cares for Israel. HonestReporting is on the frontlines of the fight against anti-Israel bias in the mainstream press and on the Internet.


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