2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report


The HonestReporting 2016 Annual Report (PDF format, 32 pages, 2.2 MB) contains underlined hyperlinks; clicking them from the PDF will open related web pages.

ProTip: Open the PDF with Adobe Reader (free download), select from the menu at the top View > Page Display > Two Page View and also select (turn on) “Show Cover Page in Two Page View” in the same Page Display menu. Doing this will display the PDF in proper magazine style with spreads open (odd-numbered pages on right, even-numbered pages on left). Our 32-page Annual Report includes:

  • Statistics and Impact Summary
  • News Literacy
  • Media Recognition
  • Media Corrections
  • Videos
  • International Expansion
  • Events
  • New Employees
  • Speaking Events
  • MediaCentral
  • Financial Report

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Download a FREE PDF of the 2016 Annual Report now and forward it to someone who cares for Israel. HonestReporting is on the front lines of the fight against anti-Israel bias in the mainstream press and on the Internet.