3 Snippets You Might Have Missed

1. Egypt can undermine its peace agreement with Israel without technically breaching it. Here’s how:

In addition to terminating natural gas exports, which accounted for about 40% of Israel’s supply, a future Egyptian government might halt its assistance in stemming the flood of African immigrants through Egypt into Israel or weapons into the Gaza Strip, without violating the terms of the treaty, analysts say.

“Undoing the peace treaty entirely risks losing significant American aid,” Laskier said. “So a new regime could do everything to avoid angering the Obama administration by not really breaking the peace, but not keeping it, either. The peace treaty could be weakened and emptied of [meaning].”

2. Kevin Myers smells hypocrisy. Here’s why:

Meanwhile, across the western world, as massacre and oppression mark the last days of Secular Arab Despotisms, almost silence. Had the butchery of Tripoli or Cairo or Yemen taken place in Israel, hundreds of thousands of protesters in European capitals would have been denouncing the cruel Jews.

Had the US journalist Lara Logan been grabbed and sexually violated by a mob of Israeli men, feminists across the world would rightly have been protesting. But she was instead the victim of a frenzied sex attack in Cairo by a score of Arabs, and there is accordingly silence.

In an ever-changing world, some things never change: and to the western liberal mind, the only real villains in the Middle East can only ever be Jewish.

3. The Muslim Brotherhood’s entering the media business with newspapers, magazines and possibly even a satellite channel. Here’s the explanation:

“Freedom of access to information is key to keeping up with the evolution of international media,” al-Arian told Al-Masry Al-Youm, adding that Egyptians “are fed up with biased media.”


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