400 Meters and a Day of Rage

This Reuters snippet on the Hurva synagogue re-opening is factually true, but raises a whiff of a ridiculous accusation:

Hamas and Palestinian officials affiliated with its rival Fatah movement have said the restoration work at the ancient Hurva synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s walled Old City endangered al-Aqsa, situated some 400 metres (yards) away.


Israel has denied the accusation.

The Temple Mount is a separate geographic entity from the rest of the Old City. To reach it from the synagogue’s location in the Jewish Quarter Square, you have to cross the Jewish Quarter, descend to the Western Wall plaza and then ascend a footbridge over the Tyropoeon Valley.

You’d have to undermine the Western Wall and half the Jewish Quarter without being noticed before even reaching the Temple Mount. Even Gaza’s best tunnel diggers aren’t that good.

Perhaps illegal Palestinian construction in the much closer area of Silwan also threatens to undermine Al-Aqsa. Anyone for a day of rage?