Al-Dura: Stop Confusing Me With the Facts

Last week a French court overturned a libel conviction against Dr. David Yehuda who exposed yet another Big Lie in the long-running saga of Mohammed Al-Dura. Dr. Yehuda caught out Al-Dura’s father for falsely claiming that he had been injured in the incident when, in fact, Yehuda had previously treated him for those injuries some years before.

You’d think this would make news, wouldn’t you? Yet another part of the myth goes up in flames. But the mainstream media, having reported extensively on Al-Dura twelve years ago don’t want to know.

Lilac Sigan writes in the Huffington Post:

In the world of literature and entertainment, a story of fiction always captures the public’s heart. It’s quite easy to understand why: with fiction you’re free to use your wildest imagination, and create a perfect hero and a perfect story. Whereas in the non-fiction world, the rule is that you have to stick to the truth. But is that really so? Apparently, we’ve become so smitten with fiction, that not only do we use it on the news, when the truth comes up — we prefer to ignore it.

. . .

… what’s the motive of the western world to keep silent about the truth, and prefer to keep believing the myth? Sadly, these are the rules of our allegedly truthful world. The myth was aired all over the world and burned into the collective memory. It will live forever, and who knows how many others will be “inspired” with hatred as a result. And what about the real story? For some crazy reason — no one is interested in reporting it. None of the major news channels that reported the incident 12 years ago felt necessary to report the ruling of the French supreme court. I guess it will remain our little secret, then. It kind of makes you wonder — maybe all we really want is a good story with a hero? And once we get it — please, don’t confuse us with the facts.

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