American Victims of Palestinian Terror

In today’s Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby reminds us that PA-enabled terror against Americans is not a new phenomenon — “Palestinian Terrorism, American Blood.” An excerpt:

Three Americans — John Branchizio, Mark Parson, and John Martin Linde — were murdered last Wednesday when terrorists in Gaza bombed the diplomatic convoy they were riding in. News accounts immediately described the attack as a first — “an unprecedented deadly attack on a US target in the Palestinian territories,” to quote the Associated Press. But Branchizio, Parson, and Linde were not the first Americans to be murdered by Palestinian terrorists. They were the 49th, 50th, and 51st in the past 10 years alone….Americans have been dying at the hands of Palestinian terrorists for decades, yet the US government and media rarely if ever portray Yasser Arafat and his lieutenants as avowed enemies of the United States.

Arafat has, over his decades in power, convinced the West that he’s a “freedom fighter” interested only in the “liberation” of his people. The media buy it, and regularly leave his statements unchallenged. But in light of the recent bombing and Arafat’s proven ties to terror, is this not a disservice to the American people? This is an important matter to contact your representative in Washington regarding — and encourage them to write an editorial as well. To find your representative in the House click here and for a list of Senators click here.