AP’s Headline from Mars

Early Wednesday morning, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed three Israelis and wounded 55 at a crowded Tel Aviv nightclub. The attack came just hours after the Palestinian Legislative Council confirmed the nomination of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as the new Palestinian Prime Minister and accepted his cabinet.

How did the Associated Press headline its report of the two events?

“Bomb Mars Historic Day For Palestinians”

This original AP headline addresses only Palestinian disappointment for the stain upon their inauguration. The bomb’s “marring” of the lives of dead and injured Israelis fails to receive mention.

The facts: For the second time in a week, an Israeli security guard used his own body to block the entry of a Palestinian terrorist to a large public group. The overwhelmed Tel Aviv hospitals announced that most of the victims were young and that six remain in critical condition; it was the 89th suicide bombing targeting Israelis in the past 31 months.

In the eyes of AP, are Israeli casualties less significant than rain upon a Palestinian parade?

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