Award to Charles Krauthammer

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Charles Krauthammer is the recipient of this month’s HonestReporting Award, an award which is long overdue.

Few of Krauthammer’s many fans know that he was actually trained as a medical doctor and psychiatrist. Perhaps that is where he gets the uncanny knack to cut through conventional “wisdom” and accurately diagnose the ills and madness of the Middle East. Krauthammer was one of the first columnists to reveal Arafat’s duplicitous personality and his illusory commitment to the Oslo process.

In recent weeks, the prolific Krauthammer has published several important op-ed columns and penetrating analyses in prominent publications. Excerpts:

TIME MAGAZINE – “In Defense of ‘Assassination'” – August 27:

“[N]ow that Israel is facing the same threat — a virulent terrorist campaign operating out of Yasser Arafat’s Palestine and directed against innocent Israeli civilians — the wrath of the world has descended upon Israel for daring to respond by “assassinating” those who are running the terrorist operation… Israel’s response to unrelenting terrorism has been extraordinarily restrained, as precisely targeted at the guilty as possible. The abuse Israel has suffered for this scrupulous exercise of self-defense — in a war it did not start — is yet another example of the outrageous double standard applied to it by a cynical, complicit world.”,9171,1101010827-171798,00.html

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THE WASHINGTON POST – “Mideast Violence: The Only Way Out” – August 16:

“This cannot go on. No country can sustain what Israel is sustaining: one massacre of Columbine proportions after another. The diplomats prattle about how there is no military solution to this conflict. Tell that to Yasser Arafat. He began this war a year ago after rejecting Israel’s offer of a Palestinian state with its capital in a shared Jerusalem. Why? Because with this terror campaign he intends to bring a bleeding, demoralized Israel to its knees, ready to surrender… There is only one way this war will stop. The scenario would go like this: A lightning and massive Israeli attack on every element of Arafat’s police state infrastructure… Arafat has given Israel war; he will now receive it…”
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THE WEEKLY STANDARD – “Arafat’s War, How to End It” – September 3 edition

“Arafat is the master of bringing in others to save him from wars that he starts and he wants to do it again. For the West to fall into that trap is truly insane… Arafat’s intention from the beginning was ‘land for war’ — to use whatever West Bank and Gaza territory he would be granted in any ‘peace’ as a base for waging war against Israel proper… This is the war Arafat has coveted all his life: the war against Israel from within Palestine…”
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The Weekly Standard article is essential reading, and provides excellent background on key points in the Mideast conflict, including:

– the Palestinian rejection of compromise, and their “phased plan” to control all of Israel – Palestinian incitement to violence – Israel’s vilification in the UN and isolation among the nations – the futility of international observers – the moral validity of Israel’s deterrent policy

We encourage all HonestReporting members to study this article and use the points to respond to any biased reporting you come across.

One disclaimer: Krauthammer’s article, particularly the last section, contains criticism of some Israeli political camps, and also offers a political/military strategy for the future. HonestReporting is non-politically aligned, and does not endorse these positions.

We congratulate Krauthammer for his consistently excellent journalism, and his courage to state the truth.

Please contact your local newspaper and recommend that Krauthammer’s syndicated columns appear on their op-ed pages, if they don’t already. A full listing of U.S. papers is HERE

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Thank you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.