Baby Saved in Itamar

You most likely will not read this story of Israeli soldiers and settlers saving a Palestinian baby’s life in the mainstream Western press. That’s because it does not fit the narrative of Israelis acting cruel toward Palestinians. But it is now all over the Israeli press and people are circulating it on Facebook.

“Just as IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz arrived in Neve Tzuf to offer his condolences, a Palestinian cab raced towards the community’s entrance. In it, soldiers and paramedics discovered a Palestinian woman in her 20s in advanced stages of labor and facing a life-threatening situation: The umbilical cord was wrapped around the young baby girl’s neck, endangering both her and her mother.

The quick action of settler paramedics and IDF troops deployed in the area saved the mother’s and baby’s life, prompting great excitement and emotions at the site where residents are still mourning the brutal death of five local family members.”

 That’s right — as the surviving members of the Fogel family were sitting shiva for family members brutally murdered in last week’s terrorist attack — settlers and soldiers saved the life of both the Palestinian mother and her baby. It’s an amazing story that deserves to be told and shared by as many people as possible.

Yet the same media who can be counted on to report every act — no matter how rare — of alleged settler vandalism against Palestinian targets, seem to be taking a pass on this story. Just as the media have a hard time picturing settlers as victims (as evidenced by the botched reporting on the terrorist attack,) they also have a hard time reporting on anything that reflects positively on the settler community.

Send this story around and force the media to cover the case of settlers and soldiers who saved a Palestinian baby while paying a condolence call on those murdered by Palestinian terrorists.