Backspin’s Big Day

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally realizing our dream of revamping the HonestReporting web site along with Backspin.

Who knew how the blog would unfold when it debuted on Sept. 22, 2003 with a modest post titled, Another “T-word” editorial?

We had a nice run with Typepad: 5,170 posts in seven-plus years. Moving Backspin over to HonestReporting’s site is a natural progression that makes sense on many levels. We can:

  • Make the site more user friendly in terms of social media interaction, searching for material, etc.
  • Publish material more efficiently
  • Have more hands-on control over the look and feel of our site
  • Maximize web traffic
  • Improve the all-important search engine optimization

Expect some short term growing pains. My to-do list includes updating and reorganizing the blogroll and featured links, fixing up the layout and design, and identifying and fixing the bugs you can only find when you go live. WordPress is new to me, and the blog’s integrated into HonestReporting’s web site, so I’m adjusting to a different system of working.

Stay tuned for new features I look forward to trying,  and I’ll post updates on the  web site evolution too. 

Backspin’s a blank slate; the possibilities are endless. Let’s enjoy the ride together.

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