Bad News For Press TV

BoothThe Times of London reports that presenter Nick Ferrari quit his job at Press TV to protest the Iranian station's biased coverage of the post-election violence:

Ferrari, who hosts LBC’s weekday breakfast show, told The Times that Press TV’s news coverage had been “reasonably fair” until the election — but not any longer. “I imagine they’ve been told what to do, and I can’t reconcile that with working there,” he said.

The Times also reports that Ofcom is investigating Press TV:

Ofcom, the broadcast regulator, is investigating a complaint that Press TV has breached its duty to be accurate and impartial, and many Iranians living in Britain are appalled that it can operate so freely.

Although Reporters Without Borders calls Iran the "world’s biggest prison for journalists," Booth dug in her heels about being on the Iranian payroll:

Booth told The Times that her weekly programme, Remember the Children of Palestine, was “too important for me not to make it”.

George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Andrew Gilligan — also employed by Press TV — insisted that there's no political interference in their shows. Of course, parroting the party line doesn't require that.