BBC: Holocaust Denial or Philosophy?

The BBC reports on the death of French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy:

Given Garaudy’s fame or rather, infamy as a convicted Holocaust denier, why then does the BBC refer to him as a “philosopher”?

Another observation – while this story appears in the Europe section of the BBC News website, it also appears as a headline on the Middle East page:

Why has the BBC used a more accurate headline here? But more importantly, why has the BBC included this story, which is totally unrelated to Israel, on its Middle East page? Perhaps this demonstrates a casual mindset within the BBC that fails to differentiate between Jews and Israel.

Considering that many of Israel’s detractors claim that Israel owes its existence solely to European guilt over the Holocaust rather than any legitimate historical and legal claims to the land, it’s disturbing to think that maybe someone at the BBC buys into this narrative even on a subliminal level.



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