BBC Idiocy Isn’t Monolithic After All

BBC Sport is evidently not under the same thrall of stupidity as BBC News. Sharing his biggest Olympic memories, BBC sportscaster Barry Davies repeatedly uses the word “terror” as he recalls the Munich Massacre.

Coming from the Beeb, the straightforwardness is quite surprising:

At the Munich 1972 Olympics, Palestinian terrorists calling themselves Black September attacked members of the Israeli Olympic team . . .

It clearly was in allowing the terrorists to get into the village . . .

The terrorists had asked for the release of 234 people from jails in Israel . . .

They didn’t have enough snipers to take out all the terrorists. . .

However, they made a big mistake. They thought there were only five terrorists – but there were eight.

The absurdity of BBC News is something to behold. Everything from its headlines minimizing terror, its attitude towards terror, its language of terror, its editorial policy on terror, its blind eye to terror, its zero acountability for its coverage of terror, even its tears for terror.

I’m glad to see that BBC Sport hasn’t been infected by the likes of Jeremy Bowen, Orla Guerin and Tim Llewellyn. The Beeb’s idiocy isn’t monolithic after all.