BBC Newsnight’s Insidious Accusations

On 9 March, BBC’s Newsnight broadcast an extensive report (access the video here) apparently revealing secret sales of quantities of plutonium by Harold Wilson’s government to Israel in the 1960s, which it is claimed, would have assisted in the production of Israeli nuclear weapons.

The report and its timing draws a perverse parallel with the current British government’s attempts to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weaponry. This, despite the fact that while democratic Israel has maintained a policy of nuclear ambiguity for decades, Iran is an authoritarian theocracy that has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and supports and funds numerous terrorist organisations, including Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.

Not content with drawing false comparisons between Israel and Iran, the BBC report goes on to accuse the British Jewish civil servant Michael Michaels of ‘dual loyalties’, even stressing Michael’s middle name “Israel”, a not uncommon Jewish name. (Michaels was older than the State of Israel at the time and thus could not have been named after it.)

While one can agree or disagree with Israel’s nuclear policy (and Israel actually supports a nuclear-free Mideast once peace and stability have been achieved in the region), Newsnight’s insidious accusations of Jewish disloyalty and false comparisons with Iran raise questions as to the agendas of those behind this broadcast.

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