BBC: Terrorism Targets Inanimate Objects

The BBC has come up with yet another example of its institutional bias against Israel. The initial headline of a story says a lot about the thought process of a news editor. While most other news organizations covered a bomb blast in Jerusalem by focusing on the number of casualties as well as the location, the BBC went with this:

According to the BBC, it wasn’t Israelis, Jews, innocent Jerusalem residents or anyone else that a terrorist usually targets. No – it was a bus stop, an inanimate object fixed on the sidewalk.

And what about Sky News, which has recently been on a downward spiral in its reporting from Israel?:

Not much better than the BBC.

Associated Press also produced something similar:

Sadly, for some media outlets, it appears that it’s still too much to acknowledge the reality of terror or the reality of its victims. The bus stop in question may have been the location of the bomb but it certainly wasn’t the object of the terrorists’ hatred.