Biased coverage of Israel down under

FrontPage magazine has a report on biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the Australian Broadcasting Network:

At the ABC, an unregenerate penchant for pro-Palestinian partisanship is nowhere more apparent than in the network’s choice of documentary programs. A particularly egregious example of anti-Israel bias appeared in a film entitled “The Killing Zone” that was broadcast last year on ABC Television’s Four Corners.

Anyone who watched “The Killing Zone” might be excused for thinking that Israelis are cold-hearted murderers, while Palestinians are pacifists who espouse the non-violent doctrines of Mahatma Ghandi. Yet, in truth, Gaza is a stronghold of Muslim extremism and its streets teem with gunmen from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements who are constantly conducting armed assaults against Israeli soldiers and civilians alike.

See also the exhaustive work by Australian media monitors documenting bias at Melborne’s ‘The Age’ – it’s available here (as a rather large .pdf file).