Burying the Distinctions

Today’s bombing of an Israeli armored personnel carrier in southern Gaza follows a similar attack on Tuesday in northern Gaza that took the lives of six IDF soldiers.

In Tuesday’s attack, Palestinians paraded the remains of the Israeli soldiers through the streets, before reporters, and in a video of a soldier’s head that was broadcast throughout the Arab world. This coincided with the release of the horrific video of Iraqi terrorists’ decapitation of an American citizen. Together, Tuesday’s acts illustrated once again the utter moral depravity of terrorist Islam.

A report from Cox News Service would have readers believe that Israel shares that moral depravity. Craig Nelson and Margaret Coker draw the following equivalence in their report on the Gaza outrage:

According to both [Judaism and Islam] the failure to bury any part of a body is considered a desecration. In the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, however, politics often have swept these customs aside. Israel often keeps the bodies of Palestinian suicide bombers and does not return them to their families for a proper burial.


For starters, the assertion is false. Israel’s standard practice is to quietly bury the remains of Palestinian suicide bombers on Israeli soil, with dignity. The purpose is to avoid a celebratory hometown funeral, in an effort to reduce the adulation that Palestinian society showers upon homicide bombers. Yet Cox News somehow equates this Israeli policy with yesterday’s barbaric Palestinian desecration of the dead.

Moreover, Nelson and Coker draw a false moral equivalence between Palestinian suicide terrorists, who intend to kill as many innocent civilians as possible, and the fallen IDF soldiers, who imperiled their lives in ground raids so as to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties.

The deep moral rift between Israeli/Western humanitarianism on the one hand, and Islamic fundamentalist sadism on the other, lies at the very heart of the Mideast conflict. Nelson and Coker, by burying that distinction, malign Israel and distort a key aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cox News, headquarted in Atlanta, produces 17 daily and 25 weekly newspapers.

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