CNN Gets Annoyed

Dear Friend,

We are fast approaching 9,000 names on the database.

Thank you all for writing to CNN. You may have noticed that CNN changed the inappropriate picture in the article we complained about.

We finally received a reply from them. The letter was somewhat irate, but we think we got their attention.

Eason Jordan, who is president of newsgathering and chief news executive at CNN, has since contacted us. We had a very open conversation and are hopeful of making progress. We are presently preparing an overall critique to try to show him where we feel CNN is consistently being unfair. He is open to hearing the points we are making and, if he agrees, trying to make changes.

We are dealing with the issues in this way at the moment, so please don’t send Mr. Jordan any more emails. He has already received thousands.

In the meantime, we want to try a different angle on another article. We are not yet sure of the most effective way of approaching this, so we are testing a few ways in order to find the best. Please feel free to submit any biased articles that you come across.

Thank you again for your involvement.