CNN: Joseph’s Tomb “Catches Fire”

CNN managed to disgrace itself over a weekend in which Joseph’s Tomb, an important Jewish holy site located in Nablus, was torched by a mob of Palestinians. According to CNN, however, Joseph’s Tomb simply caught fire with not even a whiff of Palestinian involvement.




Eventually, CNN updated the headline:




Even now, the headline is still morally ambiguous. Is it really too much for CNN to admit that Palestinians are responsible both for the Joseph’s Tomb blaze and also for initiating the wave of terror currently afflicting Israelis?

HonestReporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker adds:

In CNN’s world, Joseph’s Tomb spontaneously combusts while Israelis fall victim to anonymous knives. It’s appalling that CNN and other media are unwilling or unable to assign responsibility to Palestinians for any acts of violence against Israelis or, in this case, a Jewish holy site.


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