Comments and the Roar of the Crowd

A sampling of emails from my inbox this morning:

1. This question from G.

Has it been reported anywhere in the worlds press that the “Israeli’s who oppress all the poor Palestinians have appointed an Arab doctor as the new head  of Emergency Medicine in the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital”

To my knowledge, only the Jerusalem Post picked up on Dr. Aziz Darawshe’s promotion.His resume is impressive, and views on relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel are frank.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some commentary use Darawashe’s advancement against Israel. The “logic” will be that Darawashe is a fig leaf for a larger pattern of evil and systematic Israeli discrimination, and that it’s duplicitous for Israel’s supporters to make a big deal. That’s the similar rationale behind pinkwashing, the hypocrisy of a black Miss Israel, etc. Bottom line: Israel can do no right.

2. From MK in the UK:

Is it not strange that Israel has and still is threatened by Iran with a nuclear bomb and not an eyelid has hardly moved? But North Korea threatens, and now the world especially USA is up in arms?

No surprise there. My two cents: One byproduct of all the attention on Pyongyang — we’ll learn more about Iranian ties to the North Korean nuclear program. The little we know just scratches the surface.

3. From B. in Jerusalem, asking about Iain Banks, the Scottish writer dying of cancer, who plugged the BDS movement in The Guardian‘s op-ed section:

Good test for diplomats on Israeli side — how would you sway Banks?

I can’t imagine Banks is going to be swayed. He’s dying of cancer, and this is how he chooses to spend what time he has left in the world? That’s hardcore animus.

(Image via Flickr/RambergMediaImages)