Daily Beast: Israeli Stabbing Victims Only “Allegedly” Stabbed

Two stabbing attacks took place this week in Jerusalem’s Old City. On Wednesday Israeli Border Police shot and killed a Palestinian woman as she attempted to stab them with scissors outside Damascus Gate. On Saturday, a Palestinian teenager stabbed two young men and a police officer, wounding them, before being shot and killed by security forces.

Here’s how the Daily Beast‘s “Cheat Sheet” reported the latest attack:



The victims were “allegedly” stabbed?!

Interestingly, the short article includes a click through to “READ IT AT REUTERS.” Yet, the Reuters report does not use the word “allegedly” to describe the stabbing attacks, which leads us to believe that Daily Beast editors deliberately inserted that particular form of language.

Not to mention the Daily Beast’s headline:



Aside from the strange inconsistency that the stabbing in the headline is not “alleged,” there is no way of knowing who actually carried out the stabbing. Instead, the casual reader could even conclude that the Israeli police killed a Palestinian by stabbing him.

You can request a change in the Daily Beast’s language by sending an email to editorial@thedailybeast.com.

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