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Israel is currently engaged in a defensive military operation. Its aim is to protect Israeli citizens from rocket attack and the threat of Hamas terrorism.

There are a few vital points that everyone should understand about this operation:

1) This conflict was initiated by Hamas, a terrorist organization, which fired thousands of rockets at Israel. It is not part of a “cycle of violence” or “tit-for-tat” attacks.

2) Israel is doing its utmost to avoid harming Palestinian civilians, including sending warnings prior to attacks.

3) Israeli casualties have been low, not because of a lack of intent on the part of Hamas, which seeks to kill as many Israelis as possible. Israeli casualties have been low because of the country’s huge investment in bomb shelters and the Iron Dome defense system.

4) Palestinian civilian casualties are a result of Hamas’ strategy of hiding behind human shields and demanding that civilians ignore Israeli warnings.

5) Israel has agreed to internationally-brokered cease-fire agreements and twice suspended hostilities during which Hamas has continued its attacks.

6) Despite accusations of a “blockade,” building materials that Israeli has allowed to enter Gaza over the last few years have been used instead to build tunnels though which Hamas has tried to infiltrate terrorists into Israel.

In reporting on the conflict, the media have an obligation to explain these points to the public.

If you agree, please add your name to a list of tens of thousands demanding media objectivity. While one voice may not impact the way the media cover Israel, hundreds of thousands can.

Please sign and share. We plan to send this petition to the major media networks on Sunday, August 3.

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