Different Standards For Different Rocket Attacks

Terror supporting, genocidal regime launches rockets at the territory of a liberal democracy. Sound familiar?


In this case, however, South Korea “returns fire” when attacked by its neighbor according to the above headline in The Guardian. It is clear that South Korea is responding to an act of aggression.

But what happens when Israel returns fire in response to Palestinian rockets from Gaza?

This is a more likely headline when Israel fires back:


Why is it that even when Israel is fired upon, the headlines still manage to portray Israel as the aggressor?  Or at a minimum the moral equivalent of the terrorists who fired the rockets in a so-called “cycle of violence”:


But then Israel couldn’t possibly be judged by different standards to other democracies under fire. Could it?

All part of the phenomenon we call “it all started when Israel fired back.”

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Image: CC BY-NC-SA flickr/marsmet543