Family Values

News that has not (for some reason) hit the major news wires today:

Israeli security agencies foiled a planned suicide bombing in Rosh Ha’ayin on Monday in which a Palestinian mother of seven was involved.

Fatah’s military wing in Nablus sent Latifa Abu Dar’a, 40, of Balata, to pass through IDF roadblocks wearing an explosives belt around her waist, since IDF soldiers very rarely do body searches on women.

She crossed into Israel near Kafr Qasem and then handed over the explosives belt to the bomber, Suliman Abu Awis, 20, also of Balata.

Due to intelligence information, Israeli security forces arrested the bomber and, shortly thereafter, Abu Dar’a.

The bomber’s goal was a shopping center in Rosh Ha’ayin – the same mall where another Fatah bomber blew himself up in August, killing one Israeli.

A mother of seven!

So why are images like this all we see or hear about Palestinian women in the media?:

(AP, 12/4)

(AFP, 12/9)

(AP, 12/1)

BackSpin, bringing you an entirely different type of “Images of Women” criticism

Send the article above to your local paper and encourage them to provide readers with the full story on Palestinian women’s role in terrorism.