February 15 Links

NATO to Israel’s rescue?

As far as Israel is concerned, there is now a general agreement that in the temporary — or permanent — absence of Egypt as a regional strategic partner, there is an immediate need to expand NATO’s co-operation with Israel. NATO and the U.S. now should make every effort to solve the dispute between Israel and Turkey.

• Worth reading: The WSJ looks at both the moderate and hardline forces within the Muslim Brotherhood.

• Iran’s Green movement hit the streets again. Jennifer Rubin notes Uncle Sam has an unusual second shot at regime change.

• Two takes on Egyptian anti-Semitism: Blame Mubarak, or let history judge?

• In the annals of editors’ notes, here’s a classic. Al-Ahram apologizes for its pro-Mubarak coverage:

“Today . . . we extend the necessary apology to the noble Egyptian people for any bias [we showed] in favor of the corrupt regime, and vow that from now on we will always lean towards the legitimate demands of the people, and that Al-Ahram will remain the conscience of this nation.

We are proud of the pure blood [spilled] by the forces of backwardness and oppression, and ask the families of the martyrs to forgive us. No sacrifice of ours can compare to even a single drop of [the martyrs’] blood. The only words of consolation [we can extend to the families] are that [the martyrs] sacrificed their lives so that this nation could lift up its head and live in dignity.”

USA lining up foreign aid to help stabilize Egypt.

• Jordanian tribal leaders say Queen Rania is a corrupt thief. The former first ladies of Tunisia and Egypt are finding misery loves company.

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