Fighting BDS – Pro-BDS Academics Decry ‘Censorship’ of Boycotters


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Today’s Top BDS Stories:

napolean-slide011. BJ Rosenberg, the outspoken critic of Israel’s policies in the West Bank, wrote that Benjamin Netanyahu was right about the BDS movement but still missed the point about what’s really harming Israel – the occupation.

Netanyahu is using BDS as just one more excuse to avoid making tough decisions about the occupation. And he is giving a hostile movement infinitely more credibility than it deserves. The prime minister of Israel should not be giving speeches about a fringe movement that, so far, has accomplished almost nothing — including on U.S. campuses. It’s as if Lyndon Johnson gave a speech denouncing the Trotskyists for its opposition to the Vietnam war.

2. PLO officials get space in Time magazine to tout BDS as a non-violent alternative to an explosion in violence.

“He [Mahmoud Abbas] trying to show seriousness of intent,” PLO Executive Committee member Ashrawi tells TIME. “But there are limits. He can go only so far without losing his standing, his support, his credibility. It’s not easy to go against Palestinian public opinion. We do not have a one-man show, a dictatorship. Public opinion is angry and … that increases support for alternatives, and that increases support for violence.”

“That’s why we got together and found support for other nonviolent means.”

3. Pro-BDS academics sign letter decrying ‘intimidation’ and ‘censorship’ of boycotters.

4. Netanyahu signs pro-business agreement with government of California.

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