Fighting BDS – Salon Sides with Roger Waters

salon-taking-sides-02Salon, one of the first magazines to appear exclusively on the Internet, has never been a friend of Israel, and its recent output on the Jewish state is decidedly pro-BDS. This week alone, the magazine published two pieces revolving around the two most prominent celebrities on either side of the BDS debate – pro-BDS Roger Waters and anti-BDS Scarlett Johansson.

Not surprisingly, Waters gets free space to promote BDS without comment while Johansson’s support for SodaStream is referred to as “awful” by the magazine.

The article on Johansson falls in line with the BDS position on SodaStream, which remains in the BDS crosshairs because of its factory in Mishor Adumim.

The article starts out with a quotes from interviews Johansson gave the Guardian’s Sunday publication, The Observer, and the New Yorker, defending the SodaStream factory “as a model for some sort of movement forward in a seemingly impossible situation.”

“She’s entitled to her opinion, but this feels excessive, a defense of her taking SodaStream money that’s worse than the initial offense,” the magazine writes, adding:

Johansson’s representation of herself as someone with a level of perception greater than that of the human rights groups that have condemned profiting from occupied territories is the sort of thing people talk about when they wish actresses wouldn’t talk politics.

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The same day, Salon also provided a forum for Roger Waters to defend his support for BDS and to deny accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against him recently by a prominent Jewish leader in the UK.

Waters appeared to back down on earlier statements comparing the Palestinians to Jews during the Holocaust.

But he also promotes BDS a movement that “recognizes universal human rights under the law for all people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or color,” ignoring the fact that BDS aims to destroy Israel’s Jewish character and flood Israel’s borders with millions of Palestinian refugees.

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