Financial Times Unilaterally Decides on Israel’s Capital

In an article covering British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s visit to Israel, the Financial Times (registration required) writes:

Tel Aviv continues to press Britain for reform of its laws on “universal jurisdiction”, under which any UK citizen can apply to a court for the arrest of visiting foreign officials on alleged war crimes.

While Tel Aviv is widely regarded as Israel’s economic and cultural centre, the organs of political power, including the Knesset, Prime Minister’s Office, Foreign Ministry and most other government ministries are located in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city.

So even if the Financial Times refuses to recognise Jerusalem as the capital, the newspaper has no right to unilaterally designate Tel Aviv as Israel’s premier city particularly in the context of this story. Any diplomatic discourse between Israel and Britain would have emerged from Jerusalem. Therefore the FT has simply got it wrong.

Please write to the Financial Times – – and point out the error of its ways.