Financial Times Whitewashes Brussels Anti-Semitism

The arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the shooting attack on the Brussels Jewish Museum has raised the specter of European jihadists returning from Syria and carrying out similar attacks on the continent. The capture of French national Mehdi Nemmouche has also confirmed the anti-Semitic intent of the attack.

The Times of Israel reports that the interior ministers of both Belgium and France have stated that the shooter was driven by anti-Semitism. Other media outlets, including The Guardian, have reported on a video made by the shooter:

At a news conference in Brussels, the Belgian state prosecutor Frédéricvan Leeuw said the voice in the film admitted to the attack “against Jews and [threatened to] set Belgium on fire”.

The Financial Times, however, whitewashes the anti-Semitic nature of the attack out of its report. The only mention of the word “Jewish” is in the context of the location of the attack at the Jewish Museum. According to the FT: “The attack left two Israelis and a French citizen dead.” No mention of the victims’ religious/ethnic identity.

While the FT also quotes Belgian state prosecutor Frédéricvan Leeuw, there is no mention of the shooter’s video claiming that his attack was aimed at Jews.

In fact, no mention of Jewish concerns or anti-Semitism anywhere in the article despite this central aspect to the story. Anti-Semitism was clearly a prime motivator for Mehdi Nemmouche and is a central ideological component for his fellow jihadists. So why does the Financial Times simply erase this from the story?

Keep an eye on your local media and let us know if the Brussels terror attack is not being reported properly.

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