Following Up on the Dishonest Reporting Awards

Comments and the roar of the crowd after announcing the New York Times won the 2013 Dishonest Reporting Award and other runners up.

1. The danger of forgetting that not everyone knows the nickname you’re talking about.

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Date: Thu, Dec 26, 2013

Subj: Re: A Year of Biased Reporting: Why the New York Times Won

The “Gray Lady”?  So now you have embodied a newspaper in the form of a woman to demonize.  Nice misogyny at work.  At least you are honest about it.

The Gray Lady is a nickname for the NY Times going years back, somewhat similar to Britons calling the BBC “Auntie.” I added this link to the article’s first Gray Lady reference to clarify the point.

No offense was intended. My apologies for the confusion.


Los Angeles Times2. We can’t fit everybody in.

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Date: Thu, Dec 24, 2013

Subj: Re: The 2013 Dishonest Reporting Awards – Pt 1

Just wondering — who were other nominees that didn’t quite make it?

The Dishonest Reporting awards reflect what the readers have to say, along with space limitations of our own. This year’s borderline cases just missing the cut for runner-up awards were the LA Times (for a baffling staff-ed about Israeli democracy), The Economist (for an inconsistent staff-ed about a prisoner release), and Al Jazeera America (kicking off with first guest Stephen Walt baiting Jews).


3. Last but not least, one of our runners up, Fadi Arouri, thinks his award gives him some street cred with the anti-normalization crowd. Thanks for the tweet linking to us, Fadi. You opened the door on a new audience for HonestReporting.

Fadi Arouri

(Image of NY Times building via Flickr/digiart2001)