Groups Pounce BDS with Joint Effort

Of all the divestment failures for the BDS on college campuses, none has been as definitive as the thrashing it received at the University of Washington, where divestment lost by a vote of 59-8 (with 11 abstentions.)

That’s right – 87% of those who voted, voted against divestment.

How did pro-Israel students at the University of Washington rally such an impressive win? By setting aside ideological differences and working together.

“With BDS, many of us have different perspectives,” pro-Israel activist David Weingarten told Haaretz. “But, at the end of the day, we can all come together in the understanding that BDS is not something we can support as a means of supporting a two-state solution – and everyone is clearly for a two-state solution.”

Hillel Rabbi Oren Hayon said the activity was focused on students, with assistance from Hillel, AIPAC, StandWithUs, J Street U, and the Jewish Agency.

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“We had to assemble the broadest possible coalition that we could, from all along the political and ideological spectrum,” he said. “I wanted to find out what the breaking point of a coalition could be, and then take half a step back from that. To include as many different viewpoints as we could, while still maintaining the structural integrity of our group. “

If unity of purpose in the pro-Israel community could crush a BDS measure on the campus Rachel Corrie once called home, think of what it can do at a more neutral setting.

And if it helps Israel’s supporters set aside their differences and work together for the benefit of all, maybe the emergence of the BDS has a silver lining after all. If it challenges us all to remember what’s really important, BDS may, ironically, strengthen Israel until the BDS is soundly defeated.

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