Guardian’s Cycle of Poor Reporting

The Guardian’s coverage of Thursday’s terror attack near Eilat, Palestinian rockets on southern Israel and Israeli responses continues the paper’s long history of anti-Israel bias.

What about the Israeli victims?

The 8 dead Israelis and dozens more who were injured in the terror attack appear to have gone unnoticed, with the focus of this article firmly on Egyptian casualties:

Israel moved swiftly to contain an escalating crisis with its ally Egypt following last Thursday’s cross-border attack by Palestinian militants in which at least three Egyptian police oficers were killed.

In The Guardian’s eyes, the terror attack is referred to as a “cross-border” attack while Israeli responses are part of a “cycle of rocket fire from Gaza and Israeli air strikes” – a clear case of moral equivalence.

Moral Equivalence

Indeed, in an earlier article, the headline and the lead paragraph tell the same story of moral equivalence:

Israel and Gaza trade missiles and rockets in wake of bloodshed

Palestinian militants and Israeli forces traded rockets and missiles on Friday in a cycle of attack and counter-attack, as funerals took place in both Israel and Gaza following the bloodshed a day earlier.

“Suspected Militants”

At what point do terrorists who have already carried out attacks on Israeli civilian targets cease to be “suspected”? According to The Guardian:

Israel has pledged to investigate the deaths, which Egyptian officials say happened during a shoot-out between Israeli forces and suspected Palestinian militants. …

Egyptian officials say Israeli forces chased the suspected militants across the border, and a number of people were killed – including the police officers.

Distorted Priorities

The day after the terrorist attack, The Guardian demonstrated where its priorities lie by posting an online video: Israeli police and Palestinian youths clash in Jerusalem. The short footage itself of Israeli police on horseback deploying a water cannon to disperse a crowd of Palestinian youths is positively tame in comparison to scenes witnessed in the UK only a few weeks ago.

Yet, The Guardian couldn’t help itself, following a consistently anti-Israel agenda throughout the events of the past few days.

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