Hamas Using Hospital As Cover for Rocket Launch

UPDATE 11/21 1:07 pm: Hamas acknowledged this. According to The Independent:

Hamas officials at the hospital were asked how firing rockets from such a built-up area could be justified as it is likely to provoke Israeli action. One said Palestinians were merely defending themselves, another that it was probably the work of the Islamic Jihad militia.

In other words, It wasn’t me, and it’s no big deal anyway. But it’ll be screams of bloody murder if the IDF so much as double parks in front of the entrance.

* * *

The Globe & Mail‘s Patrick Martin reports that Palestinians launched rockets at Israel in proximity to Shifa Hospital. Here’s a screengrab from G&M feed run by the paper’s multi-media journalist, Affan Chowdhry.

As my daughter said about the likelihood of Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh hiding in Shifa Hospital, aizeh chutzpah!