Happy Hanukkah to You, Too

A Hanukkah advertising flier, distributed to thousands of homes in the Dallas area, included this page:

According to ADVO, the company that printed the advertisement, a graphic artist working on the ad had left his desk for a moment, and a co-worker changed the text on the ad as a “joke.”

The graphic artist didn’t notice the change and the ad went to print.

According to NBC-5 in Dallas:

ADVO representatives in Dallas said they are mortified by the oversight and that they are trying to figure out why the error was never caught.

An ADVO employee had this to say over at LGF:

While the news story for the most part is true I can add the following TRUE information. First, ALL of ADVO’s employees were mortified by this incident. “CC” is the nickname of the artist that was working on the copy version when a co-worker thought it would be funny to add the comment that I won’t even mention again. This worker has already obviously been fired.

And another:

I also work for Advo and I also happen to be Jewish and many of my clients (I’m in sales) are Jewish too. Imagine my anger and embarrassment when I heard about this story. Our CEO had a nationwide conference call to alert everyone of the incident and EVERYONE was outraged by it. We too (including our management) can’t imagine how this got by everyone without being noticed and they are looking into it to ensure that it never happens again. This isn’t the way our company runs their business…it was a stupid employee who’s been fired and has caused our company a lot of humiliation and money.

(Hat tip: LGF)