HR Turns Triple Play Over Israel’s Capital

We took this case to the PCC and the Daily Mail admitted its mistake, amending the online version of the article to read, “The Jerusalem government is concerned” and agreeing to print the following correction:

A report on 23 August mistakenly suggested that Israel’s government was in Tel Aviv when it is, of course, in Jerusalem.

But that wasn’t all.

Daily Telegraph repents

On  September the Daily Telegraph’s Travel supplement included the following text accompanying a photo feature:

An email to the Daily Telegraph pointing out the PCC’s position and only hours before the onset of Yom Kippur, the paper atoned for its error, amending the text to refer to Tel Aviv as “found in Israel” (although we did not realize it had been lost!)

HonestReporting will continue to monitor the media for further infractions of this nature. But with the PCC’s precedent-setting ruling, the UK media will find it virtually impossible to repeat false information about Israel’s capital and get away with it.

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